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TSA Must-Do Travel Checklist


  • Any liquids, gels, etc. packed in your carry-on need to follow TSA's 3-1-1 liquids rule; 3.4 ounces or less per container, 1 quart size, clear, plastic, zip top bag (please be sure that all liquids fit in the bag, travel bottles can make packing liquids a much easier process. 
  • Please be mindful to not pack any prohibited items for both your carry-on and checked luggage. For further information on what items are prohibited, please visit TSA's website here
  • Avoid purchasing any non TSA-Approved locks, if the TSA need to open your luggage and carry-on for checking they can use a universal key. This only helps with expediting the screening time and duration of the security check. 
  • Anytime you're traveling we recommend to tape a card with your name and contact information on your belongings such as your electronics, travel gear, and essentials.


  • Traveling around can be very challenging and sometimes worry-some. Due to the heightened security measures we are facing these days, we recommend you should arrive at the airport a bit early. Most airlines recommend 1-2 hours for domestic and 2-3 hours for international flights. You can also contact your airline directly to find out how early you should arrive. 


  • Please have your government-issued ID (federal, state, or local) and your boarding pass close to you at all times. Travelers might be asked to show their ID and boarding pass at subsequent points, such as the gate, check-in, and security checkpoints.
  • E-Ticket travelers should contact their airline to make sure they have the proper documentation for boarding. Written confirmations, such as letters from the airline acknowledging the booking, may be required.


  • Only ticket passengers are allowed beyond the screening and security checkpoints. Some exceptions may be those with specific medical or parental requests. Contact the departing airport to find out their individual policies. 
  • Travelers are limited to one carry-on bag and one personal bag (Backpack, Bag, Purse, etc.)
  • Limit the metal objects worn on your person or remove them when you're in line in top zip bags.
  • All electronic items from laptops, tablets, cell phones, may be subjected to additional screening. Be prepared to remove your laptop and the attached battery from its travel case so they can be X-rayed separately. 


  • Travelers should have their valid photo ID and their boarding pass ready to be presented.
  • Please Note: After you go through the security be aware that you may be subjected to additional screening.


  • Control all of your bags and personal effects at all times, never leave them unattended. 
  • Never accept packages or bags from anyone. 
  • Report any unattended items in the airport or airplane to the nearest security agent, airport or airline personnel.