20" Inch Metal + Aluminum Alloy Spinner Suitcase (TSA Lock or Fingerprint Scanner)

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Aluminum-magnesium Alloy build: It is a suitcase entirely made of metal. And it has been manufactured with an aluminum and magnesium alloy, besides being unbreakable, incredibly light. Its interior is lined with polyester to conveniently protect your belongings. Its 3 hinges are specifically designed to perfectly fit the 2 covers, without leaving any free space. 

TSA Compliant Locks: To top it off, it has TSA type locks, which are certified by the US Transportation Security Administration as extremely safe. They offer additional protection since to open it you have to enter a 3-digit code.

4-Speed Adjustment Lever: It has been made with an aluminum-silicon alloy. It has 4 positions, to adapt perfectly to the height of the traveler and that is very easy to transport. This way, you can not only use it for air travel, also to take your laptop or tablet to the office and show off your cool suitcase.

360- Degree Movement: The wheels are also very solid, as they incorporate double bearing, rotate 360 ​​degrees and have TPE to reduce both noise and vibration. A suitcase of the most silent and stable.

Perfect Measurements: It has the perfect measurements to be used as carry-on luggage: 551 mm high by 383 mm wide, and 203 mm thick, with a weight of 4.2 Kg and 31 liters capacity. Therefore, you can enter it in the cabin of the plane without a problem if you travel by this means.


  • Smart Fingerprint Identification
  • TSA Compliant Luggage Lock
  • Telescoping Handle
  • 360-Degree movement
  • 4-Wheel Spinner


  • Dimensions: 497 x 340 x 215mm/19.56 x 13.38 x 8.46inch
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs / 4.2 kgs
  • Material: Metal + Aluminum Alloy

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